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Great Exuma The Bahamas


Getting here is getting easier than ever with more airlines bringing in more passengers than ever before.

Seven airlines now serve Great Exuma with as many as 15 flights a day landing on the 8,000-foot runway at George Town’s busy little International Airport. Delta resumed service June 13 with twice weekly flights, Sunday and Wednesday, from Atlanta and serving as the Exuma connection for passengers routed through Atlanta from dozens of other destinations. Air Canada flies in once a week on Sundays from Toronto. American Airlines currently offers two flights seven days a week from its busy Miami hub. And Continental Connection, though its planes are smaller Beechcraft 19-seaters, has the busiest Ft.Lauderdale-Exuma schedule of all with as many as four flights a day. Continental Connection, operated by Gulfstream International Airlines, serves as the connection to the islands for all Continental and Northwest flights originating in other cities. Exuma’s popularity isn’t limited to those coming abroad. There are now three airlines connecting Nassau and Exuma: Bahamasair, Sky Bahamas and Western Air. The local carriers together offer as many as seven flights a day and are the first to increase service for special events, including annual Family Island Regatta or Exuma Heritage Festival, both of which act as mini economic stimulus packages.


Departure City No. Of Flights Seating Capaciy
American Airlines
2 per day/ 7 days
57 passengers
Air Canada Toronto 1 per week 93 passengers
Bahamasair Nassau 2 per day/ 7 days 50 passengers
Continental Ft.Lauderdale 3 per day / 4 on sun. 19 passengers
Delta Airlines
2 per wek
50 passengers
Sky Bahamas Nassau 3 per day/ 7 days 19 - 33 passengers
Western Airlines Nassau 2 per day / 7 days 33 passengers

Information provided by Dillycrab Realty.

The balloon at the left in the satellite image below is Hart House and at the right is Sandals at Emerald Bay. This image was taken in 2007, before construction of Hart House and landscaping completed in 2010. Use the zoom feature to check out the beach, it really is that quiet.

Hart House, Flamingo Bay, Great Exuma Bahamas