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Great Exuma The Bahamas


Great Exuma located in The Bahamas is referred to as an “out island” or one of the “family islands”. It cannot be compared to Nassau or Freeport nor does it boast the glitz and nightlife of Miami or some of the Caribbean islands to the south. In fact most people come to Exuma in order to avoid the lifestyle of those other places. Here life is in many ways a reminder of a more simple time. The people are laid back, easy going and friendly. There is a reason that many of the world’s rich and famous have flocked to Exuma and its cays and private islands. Hollywood movie stars or well known singers and entertainers are occasionally seen at local beach grills sitting on benches, elbows on the bar chatting with locals or tourists living life the way it was before fame. In most cases the local people either don’t recognize the celebrity or even if they do the attitude is “it’s no concern of mine”. This is an island where not doing anything is something to do. A sailboat appearing on the horizon can fill 40 minutes before it disappears. Long beach walks, fresh salt air and clear sunny skies quickly get rid of stress and perfect days with no schedule cause you to lose the watch and phone.

Hart House, Flamingo Bay, Great Exuma Bahamas